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Do you know what HTML Beautifier is for?

Use this box to upload your jumbled HTML and we'll tidy it up for you. The HTML beautifier will transform it into readable and attractive code.

How may HTML code be made more aesthetically pleasing?

Copy the code and paste it into the "Beautify" box, then press the "Beautify" button. The code beautifies tool functions as an HTML formatted to improve the readability of source code for end-users.

What are the advantages of using HTML Beautifier?

Using HTML Beautifier Online, you may enhance the readability, neatness, and cleanliness of HTML documents as well as the data they contain. You may use it to make your HTML code seem nice and share it with others.

Beautiful HTML code may be created using Prepostseo HTML Beautifier.

In addition to Windows, Mac, and Linux, Prepostseo Online HTML Beautifier is also compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

The use of HTML beautifier has several benefits.

Using Online Prepostseo HTML Beautifier, you can make your HTML code more legible by removing the unnecessary clutter. Indentation and newlines are properly set in the HTML code as a result of this. There are options for beautifying CSS and Javascript in the style and script tags as well as HTML, all using Prepostseo. Advanced options in HTMLformatter allow you to choose how your code should be styled.


In simple terms, HTML stands for hypertext markup language.

For the building of websites, HTML is a computer language. They may be accessed by anybody with an Internet connection. In a single sitting, most users can grasp the fundamentals of this powerful tool, which is both simple to learn and very versatile. The group in charge of creating and preserving the language is continually revising and evolving it to suit the needs of an ever-increasing online audience.

It is critical to any collaborative effort to have well-documented and easy-to-read source code. A well-structured and well-formatted code helps speed up the bug-hunting process and assists maintain the code clean, simple, and functioning. When working with a team of developers, these considerations are even more critical: a consistent presentation of source code is required. Prepostseo HTML Beautifier may save you and your coworkers a lot of time by automating tedious tasks.

Is there anything more I can do for you? It's a great time-saver to have a look at our tools for optimizing code. It is possible to use a JS beautifier, a PHP beautifier, a CSS beautifier, an XML beautifier, and an XSLT beautifier.
What is the best way to make use of this HTML Formatter/Beautifier?
a step-by-step guide to HTML formatting online

In the editor, type in the HTML code.
Select the tab or space indentation option. When it comes to indentation, you have the option of choosing how many spaces to use.
Select characters for Warp Lines, such as wrapping after 40/70/80 or more. To prevent automatic wrapping, choose do not wrap.
The HTML code will be formatted and shown in output after you click the Format HTML button.
A tool for beautifying and resizing HTML.
Using HTML Beautifier/Formatter, you may effortlessly enhance your HTML code's appearance. The output will be formatted or beautified if you paste any unindented or minified code.

What's the point of sprucing up HTML code?

Beautifying minified or unindented code aids in the reading, understanding, and debugging of such code by developers. It also makes it easy for other programmers to read the code of other programmers.

What is the purpose of this HTML formatting tool?

The Javascript formatting library is used in this online formatter tool, making it simpler to format the code. Regular expressions on the source code are used to power the library. Indentation, line wrapping, and additional lines may all be removed using regular expressions since they match the codes.

An example of HTML coding on a web browser
A basic illustration of this may be seen below:

html>head>meta charset="utf-8">title>

The test title/title>/head>body>/body>/html> is included.

Check here for output HTML code formatted for display

To make it easier for developers to understand and debug, make sure that the input code is formatted to several lines with appropriate indentations. Highlights for syntax errors are included as well.

How safe and secure is this HTML encoding tool
It is safe and secure to use this HTML formatter utility. Your information is not stored on our servers. The data is not accessible to any other parties.

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