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The Photo to Text Converter, as its name suggests, is an online application or software that allows you to extract text from photographs utilising online OCR technology.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is a free online service that converts the characters in a photograph into electronic characters. You may use it as an image to word converter online to easily extract text from any picture, without having to go through the pain of typing, to translate any kind of text on a photo.

In order to use this online image to text, you just upload any picture file, and the service analyses any text in the image and then converts the typed, printed, or handwritten text into a text file that you can easily share, download, or modify on your computer.


If you're looking for an Image to Text converter, OCR Online is a revolutionary technology that enables you to examine a picture and identify any sort of written, typed or printed text. This material may subsequently be translated and utilised in your word processor, publishing software, or for any other text-related function. OCR Online is a complex but most efficient method of converting an image into machine-encoded text via electronic or mechanical means. An online OCR converter is most often used for scanned documents, and is particularly useful when you need to copy text from an image but don't want to type it.

An error-free method turns each character in an image or a scanned document into an electronically assigned character by optically recognising and translating each character. Character recognition is a difficult procedure that requires the use of an OCR application to compare a picture to an electronic version. The programme must be able to recognise the typeface used in the picture in order to recreate a document from that image.

When a document is scanned, the text may be distorted or unreadable due to poor quality of the original paper copy. Any free online OCR programme would have a hard time providing you with correct results in such scenarios, which might lead to inaccuracies.

No question that OCR is a leap in technology but till now they haven’t yet created a totally error-free programme. Despite this, new developments are being made all the time. With today's web technologies, it's easy for anybody with a scanned document or picture to transform it into words, and the results are impressive. With the free picture to word converter from pdftool, users can easily translate or extract text from images with a wide range of options at their disposal.


It's no longer uncommon to find OCR software or picture to text converters that are free online. You'll be able to simply locate one., the company behind PDFTools, offers an online image-to-text converter that's both convenient and useful. Its features are identical to those of Google OCR or any other open-source programme. To extract the text from a picture, all you have to do is submit the photo and then press the "Submit" button. Within seconds, you'll be able to see your results. Entering a file may be done in two ways:


Enter the photo's URL to provide a route to it.
Alternatively, you may use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload the picture directly.
Our free picture to text converter online analyses the words in the image and converts them into editable text right away, making it easy to use.


Using a free online OCR converter, you or your organisation may quickly and easily turn static images into digital text for use in electronic searches or other purposes.

It will be much simpler to find and extract the information you want if you use an online picture to text converter.

To make your life easier, use a free online OCR converter now. Image Compressor & Reverse Image Search are two more free apps you may find useful.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What are my options for free text extraction from images?
In order to get text out of a picture,

Visit for more information (Free).

You may either drag and drop or upload your photo.
Press the Submit button.
Save the text as a file on your computer or copy it.

How do I go about doing this?

To convert JPG to text, you may use a Jpg to Word converter. Simple and accurate image-to-text conversion is now possible with just a single click.

Is there a way to convert handwriting to text using a scanner?

Upload your handwritten photos to our Image to text converter tool and hit the convert button to turn them into text. Take soft copies of your notes, or save them as a document.

Convert Image to Text

For extracting text from picture files, Image to Text is a free web programme. In order to correctly translate images into text, it uses the most advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Image formats include JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP.


Image text extraction: how do you do it?
Images containing a few characters of text may be extracted using this programme, including scanned papers and screenshots of websites.

Using the following tool, follow the steps below to turn a picture into text:

Using the Upload Picture button, you can add the image. You may use our crop picture tool to adjust the image's proportions.

Alternately, you may provide the image's URL in the field provided.
To receive the text from photographs that have been submitted, click the Submit button.
Hooray! You were correct.
If you want to copy the text to your clipboard, save it as a.txt file, or download it, you'll find it in the container where you may do so.
Changing the language of the text in a picture is as simple as selecting a different language from the side panel.
This picture OCR may also be used to convert a pdf image to text online.

In addition to the features of Image to Text,
Using an OCR tool for reading and extracting text from photos is a competitive and ideal option.

Explore some of the app's most well-known features.

From low-resolution photos, extract the readable text
For tests, it's common for students to scan or photograph pages from their books or notes that they've taken. These images are often blurry because of the low quality of the camera.

Text may be extracted from photographs with poor quality or that are fuzzy thanks to the text extractor.

Identify mathematical formulas
If you're a math nerd, you could have some artwork depicting algebraic or geometric formulae. Fortunately, this OCR application is capable of extracting complicated mathematical equations as well as basic text.

3. There is no charge for this service.
It's up to you how many scanned books, notes, photographs, and photos you wish to include in your collection.

You don't have to join up or pay a membership to use our free programme, which always extracts the proper text.

dependable and protected
With us, you can be certain that you're in good hands. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information at all times. We strictly adhere to our policy that we will not share or keep your personal information with any third parties.

In addition, there is support for many languages.
The image-to-text ocr supports a wide range of languages. More than 30 languages are supported for picture to text translation.

At the conclusion, a list of all languages that are supported is provided.

Take a URL and extract the text from it
In addition to uploading, a picture's URL may be entered into the URL field to convert it to text.

If you're browsing the web and stumble upon a picture with text in it, this function will come in handy.

7. Open the text document.
If you don't back up your data properly, you risk losing it forever. Instead of copying the text, you may download the transformed text as a file.
Using this function allows you to save time and crucial data on your device's internal storage.

8. Paste into the clipboard.
The translated text may be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the specified directory or file.

Create a Word document from a picture.
Using the Save as Document tool in Microsoft Word, you may save the text output of an image conversion straight to a Word document.
As a result, you'll be able to utilise the converted photos in Microsoft Word for other applications.

Easily accessible from any device.
Google's image-text tool may be utilised on a mobile device and conducts the image-text conversion correctly. Using a web browser, you may get to this tool from any computer or mobile device.

Why should you choose Image to Text Converter instead of other image to text conversion services?
Here are some of the things that set our tool apart from the rest:

No registration or personal information is needed; no installation is necessary; convert pictures, scanned documents, and photographs to editable text
It's completely free.
Image-to-text translation with pinpoint accuracy
Spend less time and money.
Saves you from having to type everything over again.
Why is it necessary to use an Image to Text converter?
There are several benefits to making use of this technology, including the following:

Save time and energy.
You may save a lot of time by using this tool.

With this OCR, you'll be able to save valuable time by receiving text in seconds, which will allow you to be more productive.

Invigorate your company
Your company papers may be retrieved and stored in a single location. Analysis and audit reports may be generated using this information.

Social media material may be mined.
If you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social media platform, you may come across some intriguing photographs. It is possible to turn these media files into text and utilise this text in whatever way you choose.
This OCR application allows you to create text from photographs shared on social media and distribute it to your friends.

How can I get the text out of a JPEG image?
Text may be extracted from a JPEG using this method:

Visit the picture to text converter at
Upload a JPEG picture and submit the form.
Use the appropriate buttons to save or copy the content.
Exactly how can I turn handwritten notes into readable text?
To make text out of handwritten notes:
Using a camera, take a photo of the note.
Visit the picture to text converter at
Submit the photograph by clicking the Upload button.
Use the appropriate choices to save or copy the content.

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