IP Address Lookup

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Internet Protocol (IP) Address Lookup

An IP Address Lookup

You can find out the location of any IP address by doing an IP address lookup. The findings reveal a great deal. We'll need to know where you live and what time zone you're in as well as the name of your nation and your Internet service provider (ISP). As a consequence, several authorities utilise this information to identify the owner of an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Results for IP Address Location

It's crucial to realize that no IP lookup service is 100% accurate. All of the many IP location databases display different findings, and each database reports in a different way. The city and nation are often the same, as is the IP address.

What's going on with my IP address?

Geolocation data findings aren't always 100% correct for a variety of reasons. Factors to consider:

What country registered the IP address?
The location of the agency in charge
Using a proxy server or a virtual private network
Regardless of whether or not the connection is cellular
You may see the IP address location lookup info for Canada if you live in the United States and the IP's governing agency is situated in Canada. When seeking an IP address in the northern United States on a mobile device, it is not unusual to encounter a Canadian IP address.


Results Based on IP Addresses

When utilising an IP address lookup tool, many people expect to get the precise location of the IP address they are searching for. Nothing could be farther from the truth. IP address databases can't disclose the actual location of an IP address's physical location. It's possible to acquire the city in where the IP address holder is situated, although it's unlikely.

An IP's precise physical address can only be provided by the ISP. The IP address issued to a user by an Internet service provider (ISP) is frequently recorded in a log. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) typically keeps these data for a limited period of time. However, the ISP is unlikely to provide up any information without a warrant from the police or some other legal paperwork.

Don't expect an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide you with the postal address of the user of that IP address if you get an inappropriate or fraudulent email. Instead, give the authorities control of the communications and let them handle the investigation.

Re-locate Your IP Address

To update your IP geolocation information, you may always contact one of our IP location data suppliers.


Ultimately, if you've received a threatening or possibly fraudulent email, the best you can do is contact the police or your Internet service provider (ISP). Afterwards, pass over all of the pertinent details from the disputed correspondence.

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