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Why would you want to reduce the size of your JavaScript?

Whitespace (such as indentation), unneeded code, comments in your code, or lengthy names for variables that might be replaced with something shorter are all examples of "minifying" or "minification."

Making your code more compact leads in it is easier to transfer from a remote location and also uses less bandwidth in the process. As a result, your website's load time will be reduced, which will benefit your visitors.

Minifying your source code isn't a good idea since it will make debugging more difficult, and it's not worth it if you don't plan on publishing it. Source maps assist with this, since they link the minified code to its original originating, enabling production mistakes to be traced back to their source location.

Incorporating Terser into a manufacturing process

uglify-js and minify are only two of the numerous possibilities for minifying code in a production workflow, but Terser seems to be the most often used one since it can support ES5 and ES6 syntax right out of the box.

npm install terser may be used to get Terser into your project. In order to utilize the CLI and the module in any project, you may use the -g parameter to the command, which will enable you to install it globally on your system.


Terser may be accessed in two major ways once it has been installed. CLI or API: You may either use the command-line interface (CLI) through your terminal/console, or you can utilize the Terser JavaScript API which provides finer control over how your code is minified.

Using the CLI, you may execute the command terser my code.js -output my file.min.js to reduce the size of the file. The —compress and —mangle switches allow you to activate compression and mangling, respectively. With the use of the -source-map option, source map creation may be enabled. The following is an example of how to use the Terser JavaScript API to reduce the size of your code.

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