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How to create a PDF from an ODT

To convert an ODT file to a PDF, all you have to do is drag & drop it or manually add it using the "Add file" option. When the file is uploaded, the conversion procedure will begin. When the conversion is complete, you may download the PDF file.

Secure all of your data.

Using PDF Candy's online ODT to PDF converter is completely safe since this service respects the privacy of its customers. No third-party organisations have access to the content of your files. For additional information, please see our privacy statement.

Convert ODT to PDF quickly

PDF Candy makes it easy to get from ODT to PDF. The conversion will begin as soon as you drag and drop or upload the ODT file from your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox. There's no need to fiddle with any more options or do any additional processes.


A simple method for converting ODT into PDF

Many word processors, including OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and others, can produce ODT files, making it simple to distribute your ODT files through PDF. Even if you don't have any of these programs, you may still see the ODT file by converting it to PDF format.

Accurately convert ODT into PDF

Ensure that the final PDF file has the exact same formatting as the source document. Make every effort to be as precise as possible. The generated PDF file is identical to the original ODT file in terms of content and layout.

a safe and reliable method of creating PDF documents

Since it is handled by the server application, no one has access to our document. The data will be completely deleted from the server in 30 minutes, so no one will be able to access them. We respect and protect your right to privacy.

Why do I need to convert Word to a PDF?

When it comes to filing sharing, PDF is the finest format since it can be accessed on almost any operating system or device and retains its original formatting, making it universally recognizable. All you need is a free PDF reader to get started. Moreover, modifying a PDF is a difficult task.

Online ODT to PDF Conversion: Is It Possible?

Drag and drop a doc or docx file into the Word to PDF converter to convert it to a PDF.
When you press the "Start Conversion" button, the process will begin.
Once the conversion is complete, you may then save the converted PDF file to your computer.
The file will be deleted in 30 minutes. You may also delete the files from the server by clicking the 'Delete' option.

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