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How to create a PDF file from RTF

In order to receive a converted RTF to PDF, all you have to do is open up PDF Candy and click on the "Download PDF" button to get it.


When it comes to converting private RTF files holding sensitive and secret information, PDF Candy's online tools are completely safe and may be utilised. There is no further distribution of files posted to the website; files are only used to generate output files in accordance with the functionality of the tool.

Files should be uploaded to the server.

Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage services are also supported for uploading RTF to PDF files to this online converter. With PDF Candy, users can now submit their output files directly to their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

RTF to PDF: How can I do this?

Select your RTF files by clicking the "Choose Files" button.
In order to begin the conversion, just click the "Convert to PDF" button.
To download a PDF, click the "Download PDF" button when the status changes to "Done."
Intuitive Interface
Click the convert button once you've uploaded your RTF files. It is also possible to convert RTF to PDF in a batch.


Highest Levels of Excellence

In order to ensure the greatest quality of our conversions, we employ both open source and bespoke software. Using "Advanced Settings," you can usually fine-tune the conversion settings (optional, look for the icon).

Secure & Free

Any web browser may use our RTF to PDF Converter for free. We protect the confidentiality of your data. A 256-bit SSL encryption is used to safeguard the files and they are immediately erased after 2 hours of inactivity.

Girish Solanki

CEO / Founder

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