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How to convert TXT to PDF

For example, you may use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload a TXT file that you have saved on your computer. To upload and convert to pdf, just drag & drop the file into the appropriate area. Your file will begin processing immediately as soon as you choose it or drag & drop it into the box. You won't have to wait long for our PDF creation programme to go to work on your text file.

Download the file or email the link to a friend.

To access your PDF file, you may either download it to your computer or open it in a web browser when the conversion procedure is complete. If you'd like, we may send you a 24-hour link to your PDF copy through email. If you opt to get your file through email, please make sure you have 24 hours to view it. There's no way we want you to lose sight of your excellently formatted file.


Plain text is what TXT stands for.

As the name implies, TXT files are the simplest kind of text file since they don't include any formatting instructions for things like font, font size, colour, bold, or underline. Only the end of a line is considered a break.


included. To convert a TXT file to a PDF, our online PDF converter uses artificial intelligence. Fortunately, it's able to change with the times! The font style and size that we use in our converter are both neutral and widely accepted: Size 12 in Times New Roman, with regular margins on all pages. Line breaks from the TXT files will be preserved in the PDF files, as they should be!

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