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Word Counter: What Is It?

Real-time word and character counts as well as spelling and grammatical checks are all available with Word Counter, an easy-to-use web application. To get started, either type your material straight into the text box above or copy and paste it from another location. At the top, you'll see the number of words and characters in your post. Any errors will be highlighted, and to the right, your most often used keywords will be shown.

Word Counter may also be used to compare the length of your content to industry standards, such as Twitter's 140-character tweet limit, Google's meta description limit of 300 characters, and Facebook's typical post display length of 250 characters or less. As an alternative to the character count if your text is longer than 360 characters, this counter will show you the total number of paragraphs, phrases, and pages in your material. This is handy for long-form content such as blog entries or articles.


All of us today live in the age of word counts, regardless of whether or not you are a well-known author.

Whether you're conscious of it or not, you've been working with text counts for as long as you've been writing, whether it's on social media or in the workplace.


Since then, Twitter has increased the maximum character restriction from 140 to 280.
Facebook will not allow you to publish anything longer than 63,206 characters, or even allow you to remark using more than 8,000 characters in length.
Hashtags on Instagram have a maximum of 30. Your Instagram captions will be reduced to 125 characters if you use the maximum 2,200 characters allowed.
For your blog article to get into Google's first page rankings, you may even need to keep it at least 1800 words long.
See? This is the beginning of a new age of character restrictions!

Maintaining a consistent count of words is essential, so you don't unintentionally wind up reducing or increasing your count words back and forth only to fulfil the needs of these key platforms...

To do this, you'll need a text counter.

Using a word counter is useful for more than just keeping track of the number of characters in your social media posts.


The first step is to manually count the characters in your article if you're wondering why you should use an online Word Counter Tool. Prior to line #7, you'll see how tough and even annoying the exercise is.

Who has the time to count a long document when you can receive aid from a program like ours?

All SEO Tool Free is an online counter and word finder that may help you count the words in a given passage. In the blink of an eye, you'll be able to see how many words you've used.


In order to assist you in locating and calculating the character counts in your written material, we created Word Finder.

As a consequence of its design, it can accurately determine the length of your material.

It's not only a way to keep track of how many words and characters your content contains; our free text counter does much more than that. You may learn more about how it works in the part below titled "HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY ALL SEO TOOL FREE IS DIFFERENT." It's an advanced text content analyzer.

As a result, whether you're a professional writer, an internet business, a student, a teacher, or simply a social media explorer, you can rely on our tool to assist you with your content-related undertakings.


With our free Word Checker tool, you can quickly and easily check your writing for errors. In spite of its advanced features, it is quite user-friendly.

As a matter of fact, you don't need to do anything more than click on the URL given and enter your content in the available text box. The tool will then automatically conduct the scan and instantly display its findings.

You may also upload information straight from your computer's hard drive or from your mobile device, depending on the device you're using to visit word finder. Additionally, Google Drive and Dropbox may be used to upload material.


There are a plethora of text checkers available, but we believe ours is the best.

Additionally, the Text Checker by All SEO TOOL Fee has a wide range of capabilities that you won't find in any other text counter on the internet.

It does more than simply inform you how many words are in a piece of writing.

It displays "Basic Count Letter Statistics," which includes the total number of words, the number of characters with and without spaces, and the number of characters.
There is a "Top Word Density" indicator for the first, second, and third words.
For example, you may see how many unique words there are, how many sentences there are and how many paragraphs there are by looking at "Extra Count Letter Statistics."
It provides you with "Length Statistics," including the quantity of short and long words, the longest phrases, and so on.
This application is more than just a simple word counter; it's an all-encompassing, advanced textual content metrics analyzer with all these capabilities.
Oh, and they're all yours for nothing.

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CEO / Founder

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