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Microsoft's DOC is a word processing file. As a result of this file format, plain-text documents may now be formatted. It is compatible with almost any OS. It's capable of holding a lot of information, including text, statistics, charts, tables, and images. HTML and RTF contents may also be included in the document.



In order to build websites, HTML is a markup language. Web browsers are able to read and understand HTML files. To create online content, this file format employs tags (e.g.). Using tags, you may insert text, images, headings, and tables, for example. HTML tags may be used with other markup languages like PHP and CSS.

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Converting files has never been easier with CloudConvert. It is possible to play almost any kind of music or video file on our system. You may also use our web tool without the need to install any software on your computer.




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Since CloudConvert's start in 2012, our users and clients have relied on us. Only you will be able to view your files at any given time. In order to make money, we sell access to our API, not your personal information. In our Privacy Policy, you can learn more about this.

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In addition to relying on open source code, we've worked with a number of software suppliers to ensure the highest quality. The quality and a slew of other parameters may be customized for each sort of conversion.

Intuitive API.

It is possible to integrate your app with our API in a unique way. You just pay for what you use, and there are substantial reductions for consumers who use the service often. Full Amazon S3 integration is only one of the many useful services we provide. The API documentation may be found here.

What is the best method for converting a Word document to HTML?

With this free online tool, the procedure is quite straightforward and only involves a few basic steps:

Open your document in a rich text editor such as Microsoft Word or WPS Writer.

The information should be copied and pasted into the space above.

To fix any errors in the HTML code, go to the HTML tab and do some cleanup.

The HTML Editor for WordPress.

For those times when the built-in composer of a content management system does not give all of the features we want, Word HTML is the ideal solution. You don't need to install any extensions or plugins to use syntax highlighting and other text editing tools in your browser window.

How Do I Do This?

In the Word Editor, paste the document you wish to convert, then switch to HTML view using the huge tabs at the top of the screen to produce the code for the document.
The huge button that executes the active (checked) choices in the list cleans up the filthy markup. With the execute icon, you may apply each of these characteristics one at a time. During a clean operation, the computer may insert a paragraph that links back to one of our partner sites. Make no changes here, since this is a completely free service.

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